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I am suffering from Outer Banks withdrawal. It always sets in around October, November, several weeks after Labor Day weekend, our last summer trip down from Manakin Sabot, Virginia. Perhaps someone should start an “Outer Banks” withdrawal rehab facility, where my fellow beach-loving Virginians can go to hear the digitized sounds of the Atlantic, walk barefoot in a giant sand box, spray themselves with a bottle full of actual sea spume (great word). Reading and/or sleeping in a beach chair would be mandatory, as would a prolonged dip in a big vat of salt water, complete with a wave machine. But of course, we would all know that nothing compares to actually being there. A three-hour drive for us Richmonders. And with tennis tournaments, soccer games and social obligations, my family and I have a hard time going down to the Outer Banks in non-summer seasons. So I must content myself with writing about it. I am diligently working on the sequel to my first novel, The Outer Banks House. And research and imagining are my favorite parts of the process. Of course, I am writing about the Outer Banks over 130 years ago, so my imagination is rather limited. But I do know that certain things haven’t changed on the Outer Banks– how whitecaps look on a winter sea, how hot the summer sand can get, what the gulls will do for just a small bit of your food, how much people love to spend time there. Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find inspiration from it. Until tomorrow…

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