Background music

I am sensitive to noise. I think the older I get, the more noise bothers me. I can only take so much noise before I start to blow, resulting in more noise. My kids and my  husband would agree. Hubby snores, and I’ve worn ear plugs for years now. I have become a connoisseur of ear plugs. I can tell by touch if it’s going to block noise sufficiently. Too squishy or too hard between my thumb and forefinger and it’s too difficult to shove inside my ear at the precise angle that’s needed for full noise protection. I used to only buy this one brand but lately it’s like the manufacturer poured concrete into the batch of plugs. More often than not, I hear snoring through the darned plugs, and I have to poke my husband in the ribs so that he’ll turn onto his side. Our baby uses a noise machine (I’ve actually considered one for me) because my other kids are loud (like I said earlier) and if I hear the noise machine through the baby monitor while trying to sleep, I have to readjust the ear plugs. I can’t stand that humming noise. So maybe it’s not a good idea for me to get one for the bedroom after all. I’ve always been a little sensitive to noise, I think. Back in the day, my sister used to come into my bedroom when she got scared at night, and the sound of her breathing kept me awake. I eventually protested her nighttime visits, told her she breathed too loudly.  

Some writers like to write with background music. I used to do that too. I wrote The Outer Banks House while listening to the soundtrack to the movie Pride and Prejudice and bluegrass music. But now, I can’t stand to have music playing while I write. I need the silence, and I think it has something to do with my 10-month-old. Her baby noise rakes my nerves, so  when she naps, I finally have silence and time to concentrate. Music just seems one more thing to invade my mind, keep it from functioning properly.  However, I do listen to my ipod when I walk the baby in the jogger stroller. The music and the outdoor exercise seems to help my creativity; I’ve gotten my best ideas during my daily walks.


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