Gorgeous Irish lassie on the cover of my e-book!

I just approved the cover of my e-book, Chasing Eternity! It features a red-headed young woman in a green sleeveless dress, looking out on Irish-type cliffs and blue sea. You can’t see what the woman’s face looks like, but she looks just gorgeous from the back. I think she looks just like my character Aisling, without her thick, wool sweater of course. And she looks like just the kind of woman who has unbelievable longevity in her blood, the kind of woman that can even peak the interest of an ambitious American geneticist! Well done, Diversion Publishing graphic artist! It was exactly what I had in mind.

 I wanted to show you the cover here on my blog and on my website, but I have to wait for the high-resolution photos to be sent to me. Any day now though! My editor is still shooting for a July release date for the e-book, but if anything changes, I will let you know!

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