Excerpt from Chasing Eternity on my website!

Now that I have TWO published novels, I thought it was a good time to upgrade the website to accomodate my growing repertoire. My website was designed by Brian Landis of Richmond-based The Hatchery back in 2009, when my first novel, The Outer Banks House, was in production at Crown. He had done fellow author Dean King’s website, which I drooled over every time I clicked on it, so he was my first choice. And come to find out, he plays and sings in the band Lorem Ipsum and likes Radiohead even more than I do. It was a perfect fit.

No surprises, I absolutely loved the look of the site–seagulls, blue sky, simplicity!–and all of the cool things it could do. Then when I wanted to start a blog, he helped me get it going through the website. So of course I went to Brian when I wanted to add my ebook Chasing Eternity  to it. Thank you Brian for all of your technical and visual powers! You’re like a super-hero for website designers. I might have to buy you your own white cape with your little egg and exclamation mark on the back.

You’ll have to click over to Works section to be able to read the excerpt from Chapter 10…I think you’ll find it intriguing since it deals with really old grave markers in an ancient Irish cemetery that indicate that one of the buried lived for a few decades past the age of 100! Don’t you just love supercentenarians?? I find them magical, as you’ll find when reading the book. Like hobbits, or dragons, or vampires…my elderly characters possess the element of fantasy about them, making them perfect subjects for transportive summer reading.

You can download the book on Amazon, B&N.com, iBooks, and Kobo today for the low price of $2.99! Cheers to summer and squinting at our ereaders on the beach! Enjoy!

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