Outer Banks House sequel almost finished…synopsis included!

I am ashamed. (Picture my toddler Ellery doing a strange sort of cross-eyed look that she does when I use my mean-mommy voice with her, usually after she’s pulled the dog’s tail too hard–well, that is what I am doing now, in my shame. It is a  look that suggests that I am not quite repentant, but it doesn’t scream defiance either.)  I call myself a writer,  yet I haven’t posted on this blog in a very long time. But the good news is I have been putting all of my writerly efforts and very precious time into completing the sequel to the Outer Banks House! I am so happy to say that it is almost finished! I am in the revision phase and hope to have a final manuscript ready for my agent to read by the end of May. It is tentatively called The Whales Head House. Yes, I like to work a theme.

Here is a little synopsis: Now married and living in a prior missionary’s house on Roanoke Island, Ben and Abby have fallen upon hard times: poverty, miscarraige and weakened family ties have eroded their love and passion for literature. Ben has gone to isolated Whales Head on the northern Outer Banks to take a job as a surfman with the Jones Hill Lifesaving Station, while Abby remains on the island with Asha to continue to teach the freedmen and women in the Eljah Africa schoolhouse. Lonely and lost, Ben finds familiar comfort with his old flame, Eliza Dickens, who is working as a housekeeper at the newest hunting club on the Currituck Sound. But when Abby travels to Whales Head to surprise Ben on Christmas Eve, she discovers just how precarious their marriage has become and endeavors to rediscover her history, foster her lost family connections and consider a possible departure from the Outer Banks for a normal school in Nashville, Tennessee. Ben must win Abby back the only way he knows how…by reading literature long ago thrown by the wayside, literature that just might prove too difficult for him to understand without his favorite teacher to help him through.

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