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Some autobiography in my book Chasing Eternity

July 22nd, 2012

I haven’t yet mentioned the fact that there are some significant autobiographical elements in my e-book, Chasing Eternity. I have been holding out, mainly because I recently connected with my birth mother, and I didn’t want to write anything here that might concern her! She is, I believe, currently reading Chasing Eternity, and she has likely figured out how I came upon the idea of a character who was adopted at birth and knows nothing of his background, which compels his overwhelming interest in the magic of genetics and the mysteries of aging.

At the time I wrote Chasing Eternity, I too was an adopted child from birth, and had no real information about my ancestral or genetic background. I was a happy person in general, but I always felt pieces of my puzzle were missing. This  blank slate was, I thought, a perfect canvas for creating my geneticist character Ryan. He too wished that he knew more about himself–where he came from, who he really was genetically. As much as the field of genetics intrigued him, he knew nothing about his own genetic makeup! A perfect set-up for dramatic tension, I thought.

I find it kind of strange that now I know much more about myself than when I wrote the book. (See previous blog entries for more info!) Most of the maternal pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, and I am very grateful. There is a peace, a settling, a connection inside me now, where before there were shadows and closed doors. But if I’d have know all that I now know before I wrote the book, I doubt that the angst inside me would have propelled me to write the character of Ryan so convincingly.

I’d love to know what you think! Chasing Eternity is now available on Amazon, B&, Kobo and iBooks for $2.99! Happy summer e-reading!